Podcast Shuffle Search Widget  v.1.2

A free podcast directory built and maintained to support the podcast community.

PodSpew.com Podcast Streamer

The PodSpew.com Podcast Streamer instantly converts podcast RSS feeds into M3U files which can be streamed by most media players. The podcast audio itself is still located on the server, so no time-consuming download is required. With Podspew you can


MarkelSoft Podcast Remote for iTunes  v.1 8

Podcast Remote for iTunes is for getting into the podcast craze and looking for an easy way to play and view details about your podcasts. It can access and play your podcasts without displaying the iTunes Music Library window.

WildVoice Podcast Studio  v.1.0.2502

WildVoice Podcast Studio makes it easy to record and publish your own podcasts online. The software provides an interface that enables you to record your podcast with your microphone, add background music and insert a variety of sound effects (meow,

Podcast Alarm Clock  v.1.8

A convenient scheduler. Podcast Alarm Clock is a project of software which uses windows vista scheduler to fire up an alarm clock on your computer/laptop. Even when it's in sleep. It uses itunes to play podcasts in the morning,

TiVo Podcast  v.2.0

This combination of scripts allows you to set up a Podcast of TiVo recodings.

Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast  v.1.2

Re-Add Selected Tracks as Podcast is an AppleScript that will re-add the files of the selected tracks to iTunes as if they were a Podcast subscription.

My Video Podcast Widget  v.1.0

My Video Podcast is a podcast that offers tips for the Mac OS platform.

ESL Podcast  v.1.0.1

ESLPodcast Widget display's the RSS feed of the English as a Second Language (ESL) Podcast, with the possibility to subscribe to the podcast and listen directly from widget the podcast.

Podcast Assistant  v.1.5.2000

Podcast Assistant writes the hard part of of your podcast: XML code.

Wilber Podcast Player  v.

An easy to use and customizable program to listen to and manage your podcasts, and save your favorite episodes.

Podcast Promo Soundpack  v.1

A fantastic promotional audio pack for beginners and Professionals in Podcasting. This pack provides Podcasters with essential audio files for use in their Podcasts with loops and stings to really elevate Podcasts above the competition.

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